Abat Jour: Lighting Your Homes

French abattre jour is any apparatus that lets light in or throw it in a specific direction like a lampshade. It can also be a skylight or beveled structure provided in the ceiling or on the wall of an apartment to let in more light from outside. Even a sloping box structure that only directs the light downwards and preventing the people inside from viewing anything outside.

History of Etymology

Abat meaning it strikes down and jour meaning day or daylight derived from Old French words like jorn, jir taken from late Latin diurnum meaning daily ration.

Modern Day Abat Jour

Abat Jour, nowadays, is the mist used names for stores dealing in lighting accessories especially lampshades. Expert interior designers’ toy with the different vibrant lighting to bring out the best in your rooms or personalize your room to suit yourself the most. A great lamp lights your soul. Millions of designs can be aptly modified to add value to your home. Each venture is a mixture of letting lose all the imagination, to produce quality and display versatility. Make sure to take your lamp foot with you while visiting these stores.

Types of lampshades

  • On the basis of fabrics, lampshades can be made of silk, cotton, linen, straw, parchment, organza, etc.
  • Lampshades with an electronic display showing digital pictures or logos of firms.
  • Lampshades with prints of flowers (floral, tropical), multiple fruit prints, stripes, checks, dots, art deco styles, calligraphies, music prints, etc.
  • Traditional lamps of different cultures like the Chinese lanterns and French country style lamps.
  • Exotic handmade lampshades have the maximum value amongst the buyers.


The standard measurement if lampshades are taken as Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Height. Some stores create lampshades or light fixtures up to 12 feet in length. The choosing of fabric and size and shape of the lamp closes the requirements to create a lampshade as per a customer’s wish.

Abat Jour shops also cover other services like lampshades recovering, cleaning and repair.

There are more than 350 types of fabrics available nowadays. These can dramatically change the ambience of your rooms and brighten your rooms. Personalizing one’s room gives a great sense of comfort and soothes from within. The time frame, budget and lifestyle of a person are the main determinants in the making of lampshades.