Ceh Exam Cost Made Non-Refundable For Attempting Exam Without Training

CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker is a person who is an expert in hacking systems and scanning the networks, viruses and worm detection. It is the beginning of the most discussed kind of security training. It is a penetration testing and control on various viruses like Trojans. For this technicality, one needs to take a certified hacking training in IT security. This training is valid in almost 160 countries. The ceh exam cost varies with the place and country. This course is sponsored by the EC Council. This CEH training opens the world of opportunities in IT Security Council. The latest demand in IT sector these days is of a professional hacker. This hacking course is available online.

How is CEH useful?

This training is a highly professional IT training and requires extreme care towards the system. Almost every government organizations require security for the secured data. This data is enough to reveal the important data that might be a national threat as well. In that case, a highly professional and experienced data penetration hacker is required. This hacker protects the data from harmful viruses and system hackings. They know how to penetrate through the systems and hack them. Take training in CEH and give a test to acquire the certificate. This ceh exam cost is $500. For those students who do self-study must pay an additional $100 as an eligibility application fee.

How to take up the test?

Information about the exam is available at the ECC exam center. Therefore there are 2 methods of the application process:

  • Attend official training. This training is undergone at an accredited training institute that offers training to the eligible candidates without going through the application process. They provide you with the required study material. This course lasts for 2 years and ceh exam cost $850 at a training institute
  • Attempt exam without training. Now this is a long process that requires an approved eligibility application

It is very easy to take up the test for CEH certification. The main strength of an ethical hacker involves knowing the vulnerabilities of target systems and uses it against them in hacking the system that is harmful. This process is done in a lawful and legitimate manner that follows the guidelines of the EC Council.

This process asks for 2 years of work experience in the InfoSec domain of the IT Security Council. Amount of $100 needs to be paid as non-refundable money by the candidates with ceh exam cost. The application form requires your personal information for eligibility criteria.