How Does LipoMelt Work?

Lipomelt is a fat burning system that is extremely simple to apply, completely safe and effective. Your patients can safely and effectively shape, tone and slim the hard areas of their body including the waist, hips, shoulders, upper arms and even the back. Lipomelt helps people of all ages have beautiful and healthy bodies. The system is not designed for people who have heart problems, hypertension and diabetes. For these patients, other methods are more desirable.

Patients receive one free treatment with each purchase and LipoMelt wraps around the patient’s thighs. The wrap is made from high quality medical grade silicone, which is safe, clean and hygienic. The wide pads provide an excellent way to deliver the fat burning therapy by using the best possible ingredients that target fat deposited in the thighs and buttocks.

LipoMelt works by releasing lipolysis, a natural way of breaking down fat without using insulin or steroids. The non-invasive nature of this method means there is no risk of any side effects. It also does not use electrical currents, which is known to have some serious side effects such as chest pain, bruising, numbness, short term memory loss and skin irritations. Lipo Melt uses a unique technology called ThermoFlex which is known to produce the best results when it comes to treating your body. The 880nm wavelengths are responsible for stimulating the natural lipolysis process and the non-invasive and safe technology is what makes LipoMelt such a desirable product.

LipoMelt is a unique formula that contains two key ingredients that can help flush out fat and help tone up the body. It contains green tea extract and ginger root, which both work together to stimulate circulation so that your body can begin to remove excess fat. When circulation is stimulated, it helps to reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver. So LipoMelt works by flushing away fat stores that are in the liver. After one week’s use of LipoMelt your liver should be noticeably lighter which will leave you feeling more energetic and able to exercise more effectively.

LipoMelt’s patented ThermoFlex technology also contains a blend of keratin proteins that work to improve the production of collagen and elastin. The increase in collagen and elastin in the skin will leave you looking more elastic and younger looking. The addition of Keratin proteins will help to firm up the skin to a more elastic level. The non-toxic ingredients used in LipoMelt make it suitable for everyone regardless of their age or skin type. It’s recommended that you should avoid contact with water after using LipoMelt for the first two weeks so that your skin can begin to get used to the ingredients of the pads.

LipoMelt works by emitting electromagnetic waves through the surface of your skin. These waves bond with the fat cells located in your thigh area and break them down into simple compounds that can be absorbed by the body. LipoMelt is so gentle and effective that it does not stimulate the formation of any type of fat cells in your body. In order for LipoMelt to work properly it is recommended that you do not move your legs during the first 2 weeks of using the pads.