How to Get Unlimited Gems and Gold in Clash Royale Glitch

This guide on how to get unlimited gems and gold in clash royale glitch is specially designed for those people who are looking forward to have more fun in the game without any problem. The best thing about this game is that it has a lot of free version of the other versions of it. If you really want to have unlimited gems and gold in clash royale then you should download this clash royale mod apk. You have to simply download this Cracked APK from the internet, install it and then play the game. Are you tired of just sitting at home, waiting for your friends to join you in the game?

It is time to get some new gears for your card collection. You should start by equipping yourself with the golden horns that can help you hear the harmonious tones of the spell casters as well as equip yourself with blue topaz earrings and ruby red battle gloves. If you want to be a formidable dueler then you should go for the blue horned helmet along with the golden cross around your neck. If you have already started playing the game then you should definitely start equipping yourself with these new cards.

When you have equipped yourself with these new cards then it’s the right time for you to create a new deck of fifty cards. You should choose a strong type of deck so that it can withstand the duels. After creating the fifty card deck then you should add one gem of each color into it. This will form a basic deck of battle. If you want more challenge, you should consider using rare cards. The battle might be short but it will still be exciting.

After completing the fifty card deck you should go for the next step of the tutorial, which is to get all the achievements within the time period specified on the video tutorial. This step is very important as you should not skip it because if you do then you will not be able to unlock the secret achievements. The battle trophy in this game can only be unlocked after all the achievements have been achieved.

If you are planning to buy new cards for your deck then I suggest you go for the golden horns card which can be bought after winning a battle. This will grant you the use of three additional horns to be placed in your deck. There are also other useful trophies in this game. You should collect Clash Royale Unlimited Gold and Gems and herbs which are hidden in the different cards in the deck. All these trophies will earn you extra points and help you in unlocking the next achievement which is getting the crystal voice record which is available after you complete the second battle.

All the achievements mentioned above can be easily attained with the help of the new cards that are added in the update for clash royale. If you have not played the original game then I suggest that you should go for it as soon as possible. The new cards are very exciting and it adds an extra level of thrill when playing this strategy game.