Is it safe to use ALD-52 in person?

ALD 52 is famous for various names like N-Acetyl-LSD, Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), orange sunshine, acid, and many others. Albert Hoffman was the first person to synthesize the ALD-52 research chemical. It is an infamous chemical analog of LSD.

ALD – 52 is a psychedelic research chemical. Psychedelic are those drugs that alter the state of mind, consciousness, perception, and cause physical and psychological changes when consumed. The substances that have very little history of human consumption are known as research chemicals. It is the reason that very little information is available about the onset of this substance as well as it is unknown how many doses of the substance cause the psychedelic effects.

Physical Effects of ALD-52

ALD-52 has significant and fast-paced effects as compared to other Psychedelics. ALD-52 has various physical effects like a person who consumes an adequate amount of the substance feels nausea, muscle contractions, and loss of hunger. A person after consuming the substance may also experience increased heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration, physical discomfort, and salvation.

Psychological effects of ALD-52

A person experiencing the substance may have distorted time and place orientation. Common psychological effects include delusions and impaired perception. Some other cognitive effects include distorted conceptual thoughts, concentration problems, and insomnia as well.

ALD-52 has a severe impact on the sensations also. A person inducing the dose of the drug may also experience hallucinations. Additionally, abrupt and odd changes in auditory and visual senses may be seen. For instance, the manifestation of the substance may cause synesthesia. It is a condition in which cross sensations are felt- images can be heard and sounds can be seen. But it may happen only after an additional and continuous dose of the substance as well as it is reported that a person already vulnerable to synesthesia may experience these cross-sensory conditions.

Combination Effects with other chemical substances

The intake of the drug along with other chemicals may cause various unknown and unwanted effects. For instance, when you intake the substance with Cannabis, you may experience distorted cognition, negative psychological conditions like psychosis, anxiety, insomnia, and nausea. Benzodiazepines when combined with ALD-52 reduce brain activity and considers effective in reducing the effects of the drug.

ALD-52 is an uncommon research chemical that has a very short history of human consumption. It is the reason a great precaution is required during the intake of the substance.