Keep your Data Safe with Bureau Virtuel

Imagine a software which will have everything, everything like an operating system. A perfect software which will act as your assistant. It will send emails, remind you with minute to minute schedule, organise your tasks in a single place, help in messaging your clients accurately and the most important thing, that is to keep your data safe and accessible from every corner of the world, working as a cloud computer. It might not be possible to have such software in the earlier times of humankind. But now it is possible to have such softwasre. The Bureau Virtuel, also known as virtual office is the software which will fulfil all your needs of hiring a personal secretary.

What is a virtual office?

The software is centralized on a server organizational data, working as a cloud computing and even provides you with data communication and collaboration. You can access your data from any device, and any part of the world. All you need is a device with a web browser and an internet connection.

What are some features included in the Virtual Office?

In this software, you will find many unusual features. Some of them are listed below.

  • Messenger

You will never miss reverting to your client. This feature will make sure of it.

  • Calendar

You will get a day to day schedule which will help you a lot.

  • Address Book

This feature will allow you to save the details of your contacts will more details such as the personal address, emails, fax number, telephone number and many more. By this, you won’t ever have to find ways to contact your person.

  • Document Storage

This feature is the very speciality of the Virtual office. This feature makes the software act like cloud computing and allows you to store your data safely. You can access this data from any device and any corner of this world.

  • To-Do List

You can maintain a To-Do list, in which you can save the tasks for the following day, so that you won’t be able to miss or forget an essential task for the day, making you work more efficiently.

The Bottom Line

As we can see, the software is convenient and helpful. Even being such reliable software, you will not find much instance of such software in the market. Some of these include ContactOffice, DotRiver, Bureau Virtuel, etc.