Live Your Life With Clear Understanding Of Goals & Decisions That Makes You Clever

Life is a roller coaster ride full of new adventures with a different set of problems.  Human beings crave intelligence just like delicious food. Cleverness and IQ level is one of the most admired traits of human’s behavior. To be clever is something that is great for your life. There are various journals that are available on the internet with long details on What are some tips for living a more clever life? Some of the good personality traits that lead you to live a clever life are already inherited in our lives.

How To Live More Clever Life?

  1. Do things that feed your soul and makes you smarter
  2. Use your time wisely
  3. Read books on a daily basis
  4. Review your learned information
  5. Learn different languages
  6. Play games to increase your mind productivity
  7. Do regular exercises
  8. Follow your dreams to achieve success
  9. Eat smartly
  10. Meditate daily
  11. While speaking use expressions more it shows your confidence level
  12. Focus on little things
  13. Talk to yourself to get a clear understanding
  14. Question everything
  15. Be a little more productive each day
  16. Replace your TV with MOOC courses
  17. Write a journal or blog regularly
  18. Be selective

With the new boom in the sector of social media living a clever life is easy. Socialize as much as possible to observe your surroundings. Taking good decisions is an important skill we need to master it for our own good. Start living a life that is free of regrets.