Most Efficient Enzyme Cleaner At Atrada

Enzyme cleaners, also an alternative for your classic home cleaning agents, is a general-purpose cleaning agent that removes dirts and Odor of biological origins without chemical additives. These enzyme cleaners contain enzymes that break down the biological components in dirts and messes around the home. These enzymes, as the name implies, increases the speed at which biological substances break down or disintegrate. Example of these biological wastes include substances like oil, starch, fats, even urine and many other disfiguring wastes.

How do these Enzyme Cleaners work?

Bio-enzymatic cleaners are cleaning agents that make use of non-pathogenic (That is non-harmful) bacteria to digest messes such as wastes, soils, stains and Odor. The bacteria carry out this process by producing enzymes with the characteristic feature of breaking down bigger biological molecules into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces become the food for the bacteria. And as time goes on, those smaller pieces are eliminated due to the increasing population of the bacteria. Don’t be scared!

The bacteria won’t remain on your work surface using an enzyme cleaner. The enzyme cleaner just contains a great tool secreted by the non-pathogenic bacteria which helps to do away with all forms of dirt. This tool is called an enzyme.

Atrada Enzyme cleaner

On our On-line Site,, there are eleven(11) great enzyme cleaners that have passed the 2019 efficiency test That is They have been proven as very genuine stains and odour removal. They are different cleaners so they vary in their forms of usage especially the exposure time. The amazing fact about Atrada enzyme cleaners is that they do not give irritation or any side effects.

  • Gruner Teufel Enzyme Cleaner: This is the very first on the list because of its high efficiency in relation to time. It works in less than a minute. It is very effective for removing all forms of dirt, stains, as well as, removing the odor making mess cleared up. Apart from it being effective, it also adaptable to all environmental conditions that are no fear of any risk because it’s not a chemical product.
  • Zgerzym Cleaner: This is also very effective. It just requires a very simple application and it gives high efficiency. Though it works for more than a minute, it gives the same cleansing effect as the first on the list.
  • Happy Zym smell remover: This works with extremely high impact in removing bad odor and there is no after effect.
  • Ida Plus Odorless enzyme cleaner: It’s odorless so it can be used in hospitals.
  • Simple solution odor remover: It’s not as efficient as other cleaners but it’s able to clean simple stains well.
  • Over-clean Bio enzyme cleaner: consist of biodegradable elements. It costs more but its mode of action is better than the first product on the list.


These cleaners on the site are equally nice depending on your needs either to remove odor, clean a stain or whatever! Try out atrada cleaning agents to give u a spotless environment.