The Features and Process to Download Pokemon Jupiter 6.04


Pokemon Jupiter or Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 is the hacked version of Pokemon Golden Sun series and it comes with many new improvements and features to make the game really interesting. The game play is not actually the duplication of the Sun, but the game comprises of some parodies of some specific dungeons. The storyline includes the faraway land which is known as the Mynoan Civilization which has been threatens by the Mynoan existence and it is flooded by the civilization and all that exist the highest degree of Capitol. The mysterious man along with Ivan flees through the portal to the world of Pokemon Jupiter. So, to enjoy the game you would require the console Gameboy Advance and also the emulator to download the Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 successfully on your console.

What are the Features that Make Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 Popular?

  • You will come across with many new maps in the game
  • The storyline has been improvised to add thrill into the game
  • You will find many new fanfares
  • Now the feature of telepathy has been included in the game which allows conversation with the people in game
  • There is a huge improvement in the soundtrack
  • Random GS cameos
  • There is also the expanded Pokedex in the game this time
  • You will come across with a variety of cries in the game

How to Use Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 File?

You are required to download few essential things into your gaming console initially. You need to have the console called Gameboy Advance to get the file of the game and run it successfully.

  • Firstly you need to download the emulator on your console based on the operating system it uses
  • After you download the emulator on the console you need to check if it works or not. Once it is successfully set you need to download the file of Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 from the direct link that you will find in the community page.
  • Extract the zip folder and ensure to get the folder of the file
  • Open the folder in the advanced console and you will be asked to provide the game file. So, select the Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 file from the folder you have installed
  • Start the game and you will see that the game is running successfully on your console.

These were the steps that you need to follow to download Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 successfully.