What is a Thermopompe and what is its function?

A thermopompe is a device that can be used to transfer from one body to another body using the laws of physics. The heated atoms of the first body are transported to the other body so that a required temperature can be attained in either of the two bodies. This technology was invented way back in many countries like Canada, the USA, etc. To understand the mechanics of this phenomenon, we can refer to the working of a refrigerator or an air conditioner. In both these appliances, the heat is taken away from the subject or air to cool it down.


For this technology involving a thermopompe to work in appliances, we have to rely on evaporation or condensation. The refrigerants in these appliances take the energies collected via these phenomena and move through the compressor. These refrigerants keep moving in between the coils to transfer the energies. Initially, the refrigerants are made to evaporate at very low pressure so that they absorb all the heat present in the air. After this, these refrigerants are transferred to the next coil where they are made to condense at very high pressure. This helps in releasing the heat that was gained initially.

This is how air conditioners and refrigerators work and the air is cooled. The evaporator which absorbs the heat is present in the freezer or cooler of the appliance. The part of the appliance that releases the heat is present in the back of the device.

This heat transfer device can also work in the reverse order. This means the heat can be provided to the air or the device by absorbing the heat from somewhere. These devices are used in places where the temperature has to stay high, especially in winter months. Homes that use a centralized heating system situated in cold areas use this system to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. The heat is taken from the outside and transferred inside to provide heat to the inmates.

Final words:

A Thermopompe can be used to our advantage as it provides us the required temperature whenever we want. We do not have to be at nature’s mercy to maintain our body temperature. People may consider this device as an expensive method that could consume a lot of energy. Fortunately, this heat pump saves a lot of money and energy and can be used for any device that deals with temperature.