What were successful TV shows that were conservative?

If you are one of such people who is conservative and don’t want your values and ethics to get insulted with various TV shows, then this article is for you. Yes, it is a bit tough to find good, informative, and entertaining shows, but these kinds of shows still exists. This article will take you through the TV shows which you can watch without getting your values and ethics insulted. These TV shows include Drama, reality shows, and sitcoms.

1. The Wonderful World of Disney

The show started in the year 1954 and went till 2008 becoming one of the successful TV conservative shows. It became very popular among people as it was meant just to entertain people and showed the series for the works of famed business and animator Walt Disney.

2. Duck Dynasty

When aired on A&E, the Duck Dynasty broke several rating records, though it got criticism from the critics for showing the use of guns in the show, Robertson on which the series was made represented the clear majority of responsible gun owners in the country.

3. Shark Tank

It is an American based Tv reality show which was aired on ABC on August 9, 2009. It was based on the format Dragon’s Den which originated from the Japanese Show “Tigers of The Monkey”.

4. Last Man Standing

This show was aired on ABC which is some of a throwback to sitcoms in the 1990’s. This show attracted a high family audience because of the storyline of the show.


The show was different from the other shows as this show is about the military personals of the United States who used to follow a team of special agents who fight against terrorism and solve crime cases.

So, above are some of the successful TV shows that were conservative.