Why Do We Need a Quantity Surveyor?

With the need for a lot of infrastructures to build properly, a quantity surveyor is obviously one of the demands to make the work well done. The quantity estimator and quantity surveyor are quite the same in the definition. What do surveyors do is the managing of all costs associated with building and civil engineering projects. They could work in both offices such as the site or central office and they all work with the primary goal of minimizing the expenses of the client’s project. As all of the builders have to make sure that they can do the project with a limited budget, and so, quantity surveyors make sure that they are keeping the building within the limit to make the project successful. What makes it more is that they strive to do it on the quality of end results or failing to adhere to the building, health, and safety regulations of the local government? Quantity surveyors take part in projects and work with contracts/clients right from the very start of the plan, they make a comprehensive project estimation for the client to see how much the plan will be needed to make it well done. They sometimes gather tender and contract documentation, conduct feasibility studies, and undertake risk control. And from the plan to the beginning of the construction, the quantity surveyor keeps close tabs on a different aspect that may lead to the cost fluctuation. A simple modification on the price of one of the materials could badly affect the project and with this scenario, the quantity surveyor has to be well prepared and definitely know what to do.

The overall duration of the project got the back of the quantity surveyor. They perform the key tasks wherein the outcome analysis is included, the work evaluation, and the progress report has also be documented. Though all through the process, they are there, it is not common for the surveyors to take on additional responsibilities like the distribution of the work for the subcontractors, ordering construction materials, and arranging payment. There are different tasks to be shouldered upon the quantity surveyor depends on the employer or the company where the surveyor belonged. Those hired quantity surveyors do not just belong to the big companies in the construction industries but they could also work apart from collaboration with commercial companies and work with local authorities, consultancies, and some other property developers, they also offer services to small business owners and residential clients.

And so, why do they have to be there? Being complete with the people to support the project, then is the mainstream of the potential success. If you are asking why there is a need for them when you think the construction company can do it all, well then, before anything else, the cost is the concern of all who are going to take the pressure on building a great building. Expenses are the most important of all aspect6, whether there is a company, the trusted one and the topmost of all builders but what if the budget is not enough to compensate their work. And so, a quantity surveyor can help you with the financial aspect. And so, there you can understand the difficulties without the surveyor by your side. They all allow you to avoid risks and pitfalls linked to unreliable back-of-the-envelope calculations and ballpark figures. They can help you to have accurate cash projections to plan properly the budget ahead of time and prevent any unpleasant surprises. The ability to steer away the unwanted happenings can be guaranteed with their assistance. What is more, with them is they are all professional that could be versed in revealing opportunities to save money. They also help their client to receive an estimation on how long the project will take or the total duration based on their learnings, but sometimes, there are things that could really affect the estimation which is the calamities and some other natural factors, but then, it was expected that the estimation includes those things to make sure that no matter what happened, the project will be done perfectly as how it was planned. After all, surveyors can closely monitor the processes and supply their clients with reports on the project’s progress made. These kinds of reports are important to let the client know about the setbacks and the other risk that could lead to different dilemmas.

Either the client is a homeowner or business owner, they can decide to outsource some of the tasks that would consume too much time or requires special expertise. These are things that are out of the quantity surveyors work for their client, instead, the surveyor will get on focus to other businesses or projects that are needed their more attention. All the reputable surveyors add value to the building process and optimize expenses more often than not.

Having the working professional for the projects is a path going to success because professional managing your construction project economics is something that should always be on the table. The quantity surveyor is someone that you can count on in times of planning for the construction, wherein if you could just think of it, the expense in hiring them is nothing compared to the wealth and goodness that awaits you down the road if the building finished to its best.  A project with the assistance of the surveyor can make the best out of the great works. If there is a play smart and invest time in research, for they are not that prominent yet, they have to be understood well to take the efficiency of the project to the greater level. Together with civil engineering such as structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources, construction management, and transportation, the quantity surveyor is always there to blend the engineering, construction, and economics. This is a way to prove that surveyors are certainly part of any action to take place prior to the action starts. People have to understand that there is a great analysis of both physical matter and financial matter before any project gets started.